Odd and Odder:  A Collection of Sensuality, Satire and Suspense

Odd and Odder by K.S. Brooks & Newton Love

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Newton Love
K.S. Brooks


Odd & Odder:  A Collection of Sensuality, Satire & Suspense brings together the creative, off-beat minds of published authors K. S. Brooks and Newton Love.  From short stories befitting The Twilight Zone, to lustful verses of poetry, to thought-provoking flash prose: Odd & Odder is consistently fresh, sometimes outlandish, and truly entertaining.

Odd and Odder includes:

Stalker Boy: A song lyric from a woman rock singer who is secretly excited by her very devoted stalker.

You Are Water: A prosaic exploration of a man's thoughts on a former lover who is still in his life.

Supply Chain Management Made Interesting: A satirical short story where unconventional means―the threat of kidnapping and bodily harm―are used to motivate a company's integration with new marketplace technology.

Life’s Irony: A poem about overcoming the contradictions of life.

Innocent Bystander: A flash fiction about surviving a televised tragedy.

Spenser:  A poem of appreciation for unconditional love and friendship in life.

Stefan Bengal: Code Name Turbo: A tongue-in-cheek short story in which a former spy solves the theft of jewelry from the wife of a Soviet envoy during an international peace conference in Paris.

When It's Over: A song lyric remembering a love long gone.

Get Out of My Dreams: A poem about the bittersweet nature of a former lover wanting to come back into someone’s life.

Dark Alley: A short story about a semi-delusional detective―both charming and repulsive at the same time―who is hired to find a stolen car with a missing husband in it, but instead discovers that there are skeletons in the family closet in compromising positions.  

Paging Doctor Scully: A romantic ode to a red-headed doctor from a janitor.

Park Placed: A short story pilot episode of a television crime show. US Capitol Police Detective Nathan Paul Staley is assigned to the National Park Service to invigorate their neglected criminal investigation division. When the head of a lesbian political action committee and her lover are murdered on the US Capitol Mall just before a national election, Staley is tasked to solve the case quickly, before the political fall-out can snowball into an avalanche that will bury the President's chances for reelection.

Discarded: A short poem about the damage relationships can do.

Seduction of the Fortress: Flash fiction about a woman being emotionally seduced by a new love. 

The Masseur: A spicy poem from a woman who lusts after her physical therapist.

Sandemann Beach: A short story homage to Rod Serling, and his Twilight Zone, where an unbeaten lawyer meets his match.

T-111 Heaven: A poem that describes satisfaction with a simple life instead of fame and fortune for a man and his guitar.

The Golden Hinde: Prose about a woman’s trepidations as she lets herself fall under a man’s spell..

My Husband's a Full-Time Job: A County & Western song lyric from a woman praising her husband.

Paltry Poultry: A poem about a woman who is always running her mouth in negative ways.

Kindred Spirits: Flash fiction about the similarities between the landscape of Western Kansas and an independent woman.

Mary on My Mind: A poem of what could have been, as realized one languid afternoon, after the fact.

 A total of 22 original works and two bonus excerpts from the authors’ novels are included, providing “something for everyone” as a reader wrote in a five-star online review.