I was Born in New York City, I won’t say when…and was immediately influenced by the arts.  My mother was a ballerina, star of Summer Stock and other productions, and my father, a novelist, who loved dancing and the performing arts.  So, I was destined to be a ham.

No matter where we lived, East Coast, West Coast…I was a straight A student who never got into trouble.  Boring.  Obedient.  Tall and mature for my age.  In High School I kept my straight A’s, performed in school plays with TV’s Michael Chiklis, and had a part-time job.  Graduated National Honor Society.  Ho hum. 

It was what was in that black and white picture to the right that was (and hopefully still is) so interesting.  In that cranial cavity, there is a brain so different that even modern medicine cannot understand it.  The creation of a gentle, visual and performing arts gene, mixed with a treacherous, adrenaline-thirsty, counter-intelligence gene.  (Thanks, Dad.)  This may not have been the wisest of combinations.

Anyone who went to Andover High School at the same time I did may recall a number of somewhat…insidious incidents that were never solved.  I do believe the statute of limitations on those has expired.  I did them.  You wonder what the “S” in K. S. Brooks stands for?  Try Stealth.

In any case, my desire for danger needed an outlet.  Upon High School graduation, I was about to enlist myself in the CIA when my mother threatened to never speak to me again if I did.  I’m not certain why that stopped me…

Writing had always been my love, having written my first piece of fiction in Kindergarten, and my first screenplay at the age of fifteen.  So, my direction took a little twist, with my specialty becoming action-adventure novels.  A year ago, I was invited to co-write a novel about the moral dilemma caused by the newfound possibility of genetically cloning people.  Well, during the preliminary discussions, I managed to kill off a number of characters because they hindered the genetic scientist’s plan to rule the world. I was then informed that this was more of a study in human character, not an action-adventure book.  Oops.  My bad.  It’s in my blood.  I can’t help it.

My other addiction is photography.  To get to my photo “home” page, click here.  With a talented artist for a mother, and a quite accomplished American Impressionist painter, Stokely Webster, for a grandfather, I realized my chances to stack up to them as an artist were pretty much screwed.  I could never make anything look exactly like how I saw it.  Yet somehow, with a camera, I was able to capture subjects in ways that other people had yet to perceive them.  I’m not sure how or why.  I think it’s that brain of mine again.  I sold my first photographic print when I was thirteen.

Of course, neither one of those two talents pays the bills.  So, in the interim, I’ve worked for high-tech manufacturing firms, internet companies, and most recently, my own consulting firm.  Hopefully, soon, I will be able to write full-time.  I could certainly turn out sequels a lot faster that way.

When I haven’t been working diligently, on my writing, and for others, I have had the pleasure of photographing the rock bands AbstraXt,  Meat Helicopter and DoubleLight, working out with Jeff Speakman, having coffee with Warren Murphy, being molested by the Washington Post News Hound, flying Southwest with Dennis Chambers, and hanging out with a myriad of other wonderful writers and readers at various literary events throughout the East Coast.  (See my links page for these folks.)

I love shooting rifles, eating good croissants, and listening to an eclectic range of music.  I like disconcerting my neighbors by speaking French to the animals in my yard.  The fragrance I am wearing is Deep Woods Off.  I also enjoy finding jewelry in parking lots, and spending my exciting Friday nights at Wal-Mart.

Send me an email, or sign my guest book when I get one.  I’d love to hear from you.





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