Night moves likes a restless spirit
Down the street
In the heat
Silently she goes
On her feet
No retreat.
Always find her dancing
On the wire
In the fire
Fills men with impassioned
To be by her
Wrong or right
She's the night.

She's the night that goes,
Never able to have a friend.
She's the night that goes,
Knowing it'll never end.

All over the world
 She hears the call
Never small
Not even a moment

For sleep to fall
Hits a wall
Can't stop moving, always going
Place to place
Deadly race
With a dare, she looks danger

In the face
Every case
Wrong or right
She's the night.

The night that goes,
Searching with out rest.
The night that goes,
Knowing she's the bestů

She lives her own eclectic
Solitary way,
Every day
The values that drive her
Will never stray
Come what may

She does her best work
At night
Needs no light
And once it's over she'll vanish
From sight
Wrong or right
She's the night.


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